The Howard Falls Irrevocable Trust

The Trust maintains several historic residences in the Falls Run area, ocassionally available for lease.  Contact:

  • 9408 Falls Road - Rented
    • The original site of the home of Levi and Mattie (Hinds) Howard, now a modern 3-bedroom, 2-bath, one-story home.
  • 9388 Falls Road:    North - Rented   South - Available
    • Originally built by the Howard family as a summer cottage, and with spectacular views overlooking Howard Falls, this is now managed as a 2-unit duplex.
  • 7631 Hawthorne Ridge Road - Rented
    • A 3-bedroom, 1 bath farmhouse on the original homesite of Jim Ryan, an early pioneer.  Located near Hawthorne Ridge Girl Scout camp. 
  • 9351 Falls Road - Not available
    • The original post & beam home of George and Ellen (Perry) Howard, built circa 1862, this home is undergoing long-term restoration to its original condition.